Valinor – the leading company in Israel offering Data solutions: DB, Big Data & BI Solutions.

Valinor was founded in 2006 and specializes in project and product consultation, installation and implementation of databases. The company employs a wide range of information system architects, and specifically DBAs – experts in database management.

Valinor assists its customers in finding creative and effective solutions with the best possible ROI, including development, conversion, upgrade and installation of complex database systems that handle large amounts of information. In addition, we offer professional management services and complimentary products for the organizational database environment.

Its good reputation and multiple years of experience enable Valinor to fully realize its database ability on the customers’ site. The wide variety of consultation services, infrastructure solutions, and applications offered by Valinor provide the maximum added value for its customers and provide solutions for the customers’ complex business challenges.

Valinor’s areas of expertise cover all aspects of database management. Task teams, including relevant experts, are built on a per-project basis in order to provide each different customer with the best suited solution for that specific customer’s set of challenges.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an Oracle Gold Level Partner, Valinor collaborates with both major software providers and is involved in different complex projects in Israel and internationally. Valinor’s DBA experts assist Microsoft in developing SQL Servers and providing database consultations for strategic partners.

Valinor has hundreds of leading customers, including government offices, the defense force, banks, insurance companies, communications companies and hi-tech firms.

Valinor operates the Israel SQL Server portal for the local SQL Server user community.